Writing emails

Get to know to the concepts of writing emails in Finqu.

This quide is not about sending emails in Finqu and handles only the concepts of writing templates for those emails. Read more about sending emails from the Finqu support area.


Emails in Finqu are written in MJML and Liquid for cleaner and simpler code. This also makes them really easy to maintain and develop.


Let’s face it, designing emails is hard. Every client has its own quirks and a lot of effort has to be put into coding and testing to make those emails work. But it should be simpler than this. Creating an email should not require an experienced coder with years of experience. This is where MJML steps in. It is designed to solve the difficulties in writing emails and does it really well. Just the perfect fit for Finqu. The acronym MJML stands for Mailjet Markup Language. It’s written by the Mailjet company for the sole purpose of making email writing simpler. You can read more about MJML from it’s website. Get to know to the documentation of the MJML and you’ll be writing beautiful emails in no time.


As MJML is just a markup language we also need some kind of a templating engine to provide dynamic content to the emails. We are using Liquid in our storefront themes so it was quite obvious choise for emails too. Liquid is a templating engine written by Shopify. You can read more about Liquid from it’s documentation. All the available tags, filters and objects in Finqu are documented under the Reference section.